Comcast Gives A Major Glimpse Into The Lives of Native Americans This November

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we recognize the diverse nations of peoples, whose spirit is as strong as it is entrepreneurial. These articles highlight the innovations of the American Indians who work to reclaim their destinies. 

November is Native American Heritage Month, a tradition established to give recognition to the Native American population’s contributions to U.S. society. The national month-long designation began in November 1990, but influential Native Americans, including Dr. Arthur C. Parker and Rev. Sherman Coolidge, have been advocating for awareness since almost one hundred years ago.

In spite of all this, most Americans know little about the diverse and innovative peoples. But in a time of ever increasing technology, we have the tools to change this. Some organizations and businesses are actively working towards this goal. Comcast is one such company. As a major provider of entertainment and technology, Comcast realized the power of digital sharing. Now, they’re putting the faces of Native Americans on our screens. To celebrate and honor today’s influential Native Americans, during the month of November, Comcast is dedicating a selection of movies all directed by Native American filmmakers. The collection includes a plethora of feature films, short films, and documentary series, such as Kissed By Lightning. It will also house some of the classics, like The Last of the Mohicans. Viewers can take an even deeper look into their histories with one-on-one interviews with the most prominent Native American filmmakers in the industry.

The collection offers the unique organic insights into the lives and cultures of Native American people that we need. For example, Ian Skorodin’s compilation of films are all directed exclusively by Native American women, offering their exceptionally rare perspective of the Native American culture and experience.

This is a great opportunity not only for talented Native American filmmakers to have their work exposed, but for viewers to get a rich, cultural experience. Through November, all films and documentaries are available both on Xfinity on Demand, and on Xfinity’s Native American Heritage Month website. Some of the content will also be available on mobile devices through the Xfinity To Go app. Don’t miss the chance to swan dive into these deeply-rooted Native American perspectives.